BIL3120 - Computer Programming-2

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Course Hours:Wednesday 2, 3, 4th Hours (09:25 - 12:00)
Lab: Lab - 1 (Fen Fakültesi 1. Kat)

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Write a Python program to implement the simple hangman game. The word should be randomly chosen from a list. The user will be asked to enter a letter until all the letters are predicted. Prompt the user for correctly entered letters in the word. Upload your python file as "" (e.g. "")
Write a python code to guess the number that the user chooses. The number will be in range(1, 100) and the user will be prompted to enter if the guess is (G)reater or (L)ess than the user's number and (B)ravo for the correct guess. Upload your python file as "" before 28.04.2020 - 23:55.